The Bracelet Workshop

was founded at the beginning of 2016. The concept seemed obvious to the three founders: to offer a place of life around leather, accessible to everyone and in particular those who wish to highlight a watch thanks to a personalized leather strap. , made in an artisanal way in our workshop in the heart of Geneva. The production of our products is ensured by two employees with more than 30 years of experience in the field, capable of creating leather bracelets that perfectly meet your expectations thanks to quality know-how.


Our offer

Our main offer is dedicated to the manufacture of rimmed bracelets for private customers (single piece) but also for professionals such as certain manufacturers. We also make accessories such as key rings, wallets, belts, jewelry and other leather objects as well as sheathing. Each customer wishing can therefore come directly with their watch for measuring the bracelets or with plans and drawings, we will then work with you to determine the offer that best meets your expectations.


The making

You will have the opportunity to see each stage of the manufacturing of your handmade bracelets in our boutique-workshop. You will be able to discover and see that making a rimmed bracelet requires more than 50 operations.


Our values

  • Artisanal know-how
  • The excellent quality of our work
  • The desire to develop our company as a recognized player in the field
  • The family atmosphere
  • Rigor to ensure quality work

We are convinced that these values, specific to each of the founders and collaborators of our workshop, will satisfy you in the realization of your requests.